A building is made by metal surrounded with a wire netting to prevent any danger from other animal interferent such as cats, rats, dogs, snakes and other birds. Circle again with a screen to prevent the mosquitoes and insects.

Since Thailand is a tropical country, a sprinkler is installed on the top of the roof to adjust a temperature in the building not to be too high so that the bird can live comfortably. The springkler will be opened from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. everyday. On the roof, a tile and a transparency sheet are placed alternately to provide sufficient light to all of the cages.

Cage & Nest
Cage : Width x Length x Height = 20" x 35" x 20"
Nest : Width x Length x Height = 7" x 12" x 7"
Hole : Center diameter = 2"
Inside the nest, a sawdust is placed on the floor small amount of dry grass is then put over it. The rest will be made by a bird itself.

Visiting The Farm
hange the shoes to be the boots (provided by the farm) passing through a disinfectant everytime.
Put on the long robe before enter the farm.

Our farm concerns in cleanliness very much.
The lovebirds raising in the farm can feel the happiness and safety from other disturbing creature or object.