One of the most interesting in breeding Lovebirds is the mutation developing. It is quite easy for breeding Lovebirds in Thailand because of the suitable climate for them. They can have 3-4 clutches in a year. Regarding to the suitable environment for them, it help me develop the new color and mutation quicker than the rest of the world. We try to breed the new color of Lovebirds and do it firm as a new mutation which we think that it is challenge for us.

The most suitable age for the breeding pair should be about 1 year old up. We have to prove the sex of the pair (except the DNA Sexing and Surgical Sexing).
Measure the distance of pelvic bones : we can use our thumb or index finger to measure the distance between the pelvic bones. The breeder hens should have wider, flatter bellies than cocks.
Observe the appearance and structure of the bird : breeder hens should bigger than cock while the appearance of the cock will be more beautiful than hen.
When we can get the breeding pair, we will put them into the breeding cage with the nest box and keep watching for obvious signs of pair bonding such as sitting together, feeding and preening each other.